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...Where kids can party like a Rock Star!!! 

ROCKSTAR Hall of Fame

"The girls had a lot of fun...basically put, YOU ROCK!!!" - Kim D


Sally D and friends



"My daughter and her friends can't stop talking about how much fun they had being 'ROCKSTARS'. Whenever they do stop talking about it, it's only because they're listening to their CDs" - Nicole M


Sydney M



"I've never had such a good time at a niece's birthday party! The kids were singing and dancing like you wouldn't believe. Even my shy younger niece got in the recording booth. Do you do parties for adults?" - Melissa K


Chelsea C and friends



"Jacopo and the other kids had a lot of fun at the party. They felt like real rock stars and were still very excited going back home. You did an excellent and very professional job!" - Stefano B

Emily N and friends




"We listen to my daughters CD everyday...We love it!"

- Michael S

Lily S and friends





Rockstar Birthday 2010

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